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How to choose a bra ?

14 April 2016
How to choose a bra ?

Uplift, full cup, padded … How to choose your bra?

Genuine seduction weapon and wellness tool, the choice of a bra should be taken seriously !

Whether you’re a lingerie shopping addict or not, maybe you’re apart of the 80% of women who ignore the size and shape of bra that suits her best.

However, a well-fitted bra is the key to the perfect outfit.

How to determine your size?

Badly fitted, the bra can become a living nightmare. Cups spilling out, straps digging in, underwire pulling up …

Here are a few tips to take your measurements:

  1. Measure under your breast, horizontally: add 12.5 cm to determine your chest size. g.: a measure between 73 and 77 means you’re a size 90.
  2. Now, measure just above the nipple. The gap between those two measures give you your cup size (A, B, C, D …)

Report those measures on the size guide to determine your exact size.

How to adjust the strap?

The common mistake is to tighten them too much and have the band riding up the back. It is important for the cup to fit and the band to be horizontal. To put on your bra, bend over, place your breast in the cups and attach the band on the second hook.

 What shape to wear everyday?

Practical and very comfortable, the padded bra doesn’t show under the clothes and fits every size and shape.

For those with larger breasts, more engaging bras exists, with wider strap and band for a better support.

For those who want to minimise their breast, the minimiser bra from Wacoal is the reference today.

A significant size reduction is now possible with leavers lace, supporting the breast without compressing it, straps starting lower than on a classic bra and wider and thinner underwire which equally distributes the breast in the cup. The minimizer is available in black, ivory and natural for 63 €.

 wacoal minimizer bra

Who does the triangle bra fit ?

Only for small sizes, the triangle bra allows to keep the natural shape of the breasts. For larger sizes, you can choose a bra with built-in underwire.

Above, bra without underwire and shorty from Wacoal Embrace lace collection.

triangle bra wireless wacoal

What about push up ?

There is nothing better to shape your breast.

Usually, a push up is padded in three strategic areas: under the breast to maintain it, on the side to bring the breast closer together and on the top to lift the breast.

To shape and give more volume to your breast, choose one with more padding under the breast.

Can you buy your lingerie on the Internet ?

If you know the size and shape that fits you best, it is easier to buy lingerie on internet than trousers or vest which shape are essential for the silhouette.

The good thing is you can find bargains; you can also find wider choice and big sizes. The other upside is that you can shop from your couche, anytime of the day! And what a pleasure to receive your order at home!

can we buy lingerie on the internet

Lingerie Tips

Here comes the bride !

4 March 2016
lingerie bride wedding

The most beautiful day of your life is on the way … everything is ready, or nearly so !

Ideal wedding gown tidy in its protective cover, shoes and hairstyle … Ok. But have you given any thought to your underclothing ?

This small detail you should ponder when choosing your wedding dress.

Don’t panic, there are some tricks you can use to find the ideal bride’s lingerie set.

A bustier gown ? Prefer a bandeau bra with removable straps, high quality and also 100% adapted to your morphology. The aim is to provides the best support all night long.

Today, almost 70% of the women wear the wrong bra size. So please, when trying your wedding dress take your measurements again.


                                                                                                                                                   Andres Sarda padded bandeau bra Manhattan collection

Halter dress ? 

You may say the most complicated ? The miracle solution does exist ! Available up to D cup the adhesive bra by Gilsa will save your life !

Available up to D cup this bra is side self-adhesive, padded with underwire cups, easy to apply and remove, washable and reusable
Ideal for sexy dresses, tank tops, wedding dresses.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Gilsa, adhesive bra

Another useful product with a halter dress is the Bye bra breast lift tape.

Ideal under a light and low-cut dress. Simple to use, just peel off the adhesive paper and apply the sticker on the upper chest.

High quality product. The tapes are designed by an American company specializing in medical adhesive.


                                                                                                                                                                                                               Breast lift tape Bye bra 


A plunging neckline ? Good idea if you choose the shape appropriate to your body. A balcony will reveal more or less the upper chest.

For smallest chests, choose a padded bra that sublimate your cleavage.

Tailored pencil dress ? You will need invisible underwear like a second skin.

Don’t forget invisible panties with control effect. Today, shaping underwear is so comfortable that you will feel completely at ease until the end of the night !

Last word, to avoid sore feet, don’t forget stockings !


                                                                                                                                                                       Wolford satin touch 20 stockings

A stunning silk and lace babydoll with her dressing gown will look great to end this magical day !


                                                                                                                                                    Marjolaine silk and lace nighty – Summer 2016 collection

Lingerie Tips

This summer, reveal your bra

9 February 2016

The white blouse is back in many pretty shops

Always stylish and practical, it could be worn in many occasions

Sometimes chic with an invisible bra, sometimes sexy if you show a few part of your prestigious bra

A trendy party planned ?

You’ll be perfect with a lovely “couture” bra





Here are some examples

Under a filmy lace black blouse, « Louise » collection by Andres Sarda will look great

Bold but chic !

For a sensible look with a white blouse, choose New Diamant by Millesia or Nœuds et Merveilles by Chantal Thomass.


The must, a simple white shirt worn with your best jean, high heels and just a gorgeous bra

It’s chic and sexy, all that we love !


Lingerie Tips


18 January 2016
tricot en laine et soie

When all is about bio and natural fabric, how can we still wear Thermolactyl?

A particularly unpleasant textil which makes hair looks electric and above all make us sweat from the first move.


Fortunalutely, a wide range of delightful and warm underwear is available. In wool and silk or pure silk made in Italy and not in China!

These are slighly more expensive, but are also much more pleasant to wear and long-lasting.

Lisanza, Oscalito et Hanro are today’s market leaders with varied collections of underwear or ready-to-wear for the most luxury ones. Wore under a suit jacket, these are looking stunning!



From 39€ for a sleeveless top woven in wool and silk, to nearly 180€ with silk and/or Calais’s lace insert.

Lingerie Tips

Beautiful after new year’s eve… You have no excuses

9 January 2016

This little belly is frightening you?

Don’t feel guilty about yourself at first, festive season’s meals are excellent for the soul. Always good to take!

Resume a healthy diet will help you recover your sublime silhouette again. But sometimes you have to know how to give a good boost to mother nature to save time. Our ultimate dream would be to have a slim waist and well rounded bottom, an harmonious and dynamic silhouette in other words.


When many hollywood stars confess to choose sculpted underwears under their “haute couture” dresses, one can wonder, why not me?

All the more when we know that in 2015, 25% of the ladies often use sculpted lingery. Lingery’s brands finds ingenious ways and rescues us with a wide range of specific products which fits every small complexe.

Today’s  sculpted lingery (or “shapewear”) is far from the grany pants we used to know.

Innovative and technical fabrics without any sewing or elastic makes them second skin underwears. These fits your morphology without make you feel compressed.

Both useful during day and evening, these are shaping the body and fits every outfit.

Brands developed a wide range of products to answer all our needs:

  • Flat belly pants to hide a flabby stomach
  • High waisted panties to reshape hips and make waist look slimmer
  • Buttock lifter panties for a higher and round bottom
  • Panty or Shorty to show slim tights
  • Without forgetting the bodies, more and more glamourous which smarltly integrates bra.
  • Shaping panty hose which makes stunning legs.


No need to be plumped to wear sculpted but why not allow us to wear a beautiful dress when we have a slightly flabby stomach or small love handles.

We tried out before and after, the benefit is here and you breath self-confidence.

Know however that good fabric and efficiency have a price: from 38€ for a flat belly pantie to 148€ for a sculpted body with integrated bra.