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How to choose a bra ?

14 April 2016
How to choose a bra ?

Uplift, full cup, padded … How to choose your bra?

Genuine seduction weapon and wellness tool, the choice of a bra should be taken seriously !

Whether you’re a lingerie shopping addict or not, maybe you’re apart of the 80% of women who ignore the size and shape of bra that suits her best.

However, a well-fitted bra is the key to the perfect outfit.

How to determine your size?

Badly fitted, the bra can become a living nightmare. Cups spilling out, straps digging in, underwire pulling up …

Here are a few tips to take your measurements:

  1. Measure under your breast, horizontally: add 12.5 cm to determine your chest size. g.: a measure between 73 and 77 means you’re a size 90.
  2. Now, measure just above the nipple. The gap between those two measures give you your cup size (A, B, C, D …)

Report those measures on the size guide to determine your exact size.

How to adjust the strap?

The common mistake is to tighten them too much and have the band riding up the back. It is important for the cup to fit and the band to be horizontal. To put on your bra, bend over, place your breast in the cups and attach the band on the second hook.

 What shape to wear everyday?

Practical and very comfortable, the padded bra doesn’t show under the clothes and fits every size and shape.

For those with larger breasts, more engaging bras exists, with wider strap and band for a better support.

For those who want to minimise their breast, the minimiser bra from Wacoal is the reference today.

A significant size reduction is now possible with leavers lace, supporting the breast without compressing it, straps starting lower than on a classic bra and wider and thinner underwire which equally distributes the breast in the cup. The minimizer is available in black, ivory and natural for 63 €.

 wacoal minimizer bra

Who does the triangle bra fit ?

Only for small sizes, the triangle bra allows to keep the natural shape of the breasts. For larger sizes, you can choose a bra with built-in underwire.

Above, bra without underwire and shorty from Wacoal Embrace lace collection.

triangle bra wireless wacoal

What about push up ?

There is nothing better to shape your breast.

Usually, a push up is padded in three strategic areas: under the breast to maintain it, on the side to bring the breast closer together and on the top to lift the breast.

To shape and give more volume to your breast, choose one with more padding under the breast.

Can you buy your lingerie on the Internet ?

If you know the size and shape that fits you best, it is easier to buy lingerie on internet than trousers or vest which shape are essential for the silhouette.

The good thing is you can find bargains; you can also find wider choice and big sizes. The other upside is that you can shop from your couche, anytime of the day! And what a pleasure to receive your order at home!

can we buy lingerie on the internet