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April 2022

Lingerie Tips

Appointment for your lingerie coaching !

26 April 2022

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size without knowing it, AND YOU?

Due to the success of our customers every year, La Pince à Linge renews its Personalized Lingerie Advice Day

Next Thursday, April 28th, Cathy Carbonne, our Wacoal fitting expert, is waiting for you for a personalized fitting and will reveal all her tips to get a perfect silhouette. 😉

Meeting on April 28, 2022 from 10 am in the Boutique La PINCE À LINGE – 14 cours de L’intendance in Bordeaux

Over the years, the breast changes in shape and size. Despite this, many women unknowingly wear the wrong bra size. However, the right bra is essential to maintain a beautiful bust.

It’s therefore essential to take your measurements regularly so that your bra is a second skin and enhances your breasts while supporting them properly.

Our fitting expert Cathy will also guide you if you wish to erase a small belly, refine your thighs or your hips.

Wearing sheathing incognito under a tight little dress without showing anything is now possible!

But you still need to know which sheathing piece really suits your needs.

Some shaping briefs sculpt the silhouette like the Sexy Shaping which is invisible under clothes and perfectly fits your hips and stomach.
There is also a taller Sexy Shaping brief that goes up just below the bra for even more shaping and shaping of the figure.

Also very effective, the Shape Air model, firmer and more toned. As some of our customers may fear, these models do not slip under clothing and do not roll up either!

In this same collection, the panty will be very useful if you want to camouflage unsightly saddlebags.

If you opt for a slightly less sheathing effect, the Eglantine collection allows you to have a flat tummy effect with its high waistband, it has a large lace front panel that does not mark under the clothes.

Its mythical underwired bra perfectly shapes and rounds the chest with an extraordinary support.
It’s always a success with our customers of all ages and styles.
Available from 32B (EU 70) to 38D (EU 85) with a very reasonable and accessible price for all (63,00€)

Having a bra that fits and holds properly also changes your silhouette.

Speaking of changing your silhouette, the Minimizer by Wacoal in toned mesh holds the breasts in place while evenly distributing and reducing volume for a guaranteed slimming visual effect (about 3 centimeters less).
It’s perfectly suited to slightly large breasts, ranging from 32E (EU 70) to 42F (EU 95) and available in 3 colors.

Our expert will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on how to find the perfect fit for your body type.

To discover all these innovations and receive all the good advice from our lingerie expert, meet us on April 28th at La Pince à Linge.

To be sure not to wait, think of reserving your time at +33 (0)5 56 44 95 38

Share this experience with a friend and leave with a beautiful lingerie wash bag!

See you soon!

Lingerie Tips

What lingerie to wear with my wedding dress?

12 April 2022

The health crisis has put a stop to a lot of things in our lives, and unfortunately, weddings are one of them.

Some have had thir weddings postponed one, twice or even three times since 2020.

Fortunately, all this is now behind us and many are those who wonder what lingerie to wear to be at the top on the big day.

It happens very often that the bride-to-be finds herself with a dress that is too low cut to wear a bra or too tight that leaves unsightly little bulges.

But don’t worry, Chez Mademoiselle, we have solutions !

For naked back or very low cut dresses :

– Bye Bra

It’s an adhesive to stik on our chest in order to raise it and to have a perfect naked back without apparent bra.

Of course, nipple covers are included in the adhesive.

The package contains three pairs of two adhesives, theyr are disposable so you can practice before the big day.

These Bye bra are suitable for all breasts and come in three different sizes.

For small breasts, there are sizes A, B, C, then D, E, F and for larger breasts F, G, H ; which leaves a wide choice and does not restrict generous breasts to having to wear a bra with a nice naked back.

Bye bra

For a sexy and glamorous lingerie :

The French lingerie brand Lise Charmel offers many forms of bra that will suit all morphologies.

Full-cup, with or without underwire, half-cup, balconnet, triangle…

Several types of bottom : high brief, thong, tanga, shorty…

And various matching accessories : garter belt, garter…

Here are our favourite collections :

-Sublime en dentelle

-Imagine la beauté

-Splendeur soie

-Dressing floral.

Padded bra Splendeur SoieGlamorous bra Imagine la beauté – Bandeau bra Imagine la beauté – Lise Charmel

Sizes available : From 32A (EU70) to 38D (EU85)

From 32B (EU70) to 36D (EU80)

From 32B (EU70) to 34D (EU80)

For strapless dresses :

A bandeau will be the best so that the bra straps are not visible.

The brand Wacoal with its Halo collection offers a flesh colored bandeau that is invisible under clothes and will be perfect with your dress.

Prima Donna also offers a beautiful bandeau that will be perfect for deeper cup.

Bandeau bra Halo – Wacoal; Bandeau Every Woman – Prima Donna

Sizes available : From 32B (EU70) to 38F (EU85)

From 34B (EU65) to 34G (EU70)

Available in different skin tones to suit all skins.

For the wedding dresses close to the body :

This confinement may have also  made us gain a few pounds…

And to camouflage them under your dress, we have what to help you.

The brand Wacoal is specialized in the technical underwear sheathing and invisible.

The Accord collection of the brand is very comfortable with an invisible cotton effect but it does not have a sheathing power.

The Beauty Secret collection is very effective in terms of sheathing.

The brand goes high in sizes in different cuts.

High brief, very high under the bra or panty to hide the saddlebags.

Shaping brief Sexy Shaping ; Shape brief Shape Air– Wacoal

Sizes available : From size S (36) to size XL (42)

From size S (36) to size XXL (44)

The big day is coming up, so what lingerie will look best with your dress ?


How to choose your swimsuit ?

7 April 2022

The perfect swimsuit for summer.

Summer is fast approaching and we know that every year it’s very difficult to find the perfect swimsuit, with style and that enhances us at the same time.

Some even end up abandoning the task and choose any swimsuit, without really knowing if it corresponds to their morphology.

Speaking of morphology, many have not yet identified which one corresponds to them.

But today, we are here to help you !

There are several types of silhouettes.


– Morphology A

→ Corresponds rather to a thin waist with slightly more generous hips and narrow shoulders

The types of swimsuit to be privileged will be the bandeau or the triangles to put forwad your chest and to make forget a little your hips.

If you prefer straps, opt for thin straps to let your shoulders show. As for the bottom, the scalloped forms will be the most adapted to emphasize your beautiful legs.

Bandeau La Frida – Antigel and Cassiope – Eres

Size available : From 32B (EU 70) to 38C (EU 85) for the Antigel brand model
      From S (38) to XXL (44) for the Eres brand model

To avoid : low waist, shorty or brief with too much coverage. More the brief are covering, more it widens your hips.


-Morphology V

→It’s the opposite of the A,the shoulders are wide and the pelvis is much narrower.

The most suitable swimsuits will be the 2-pieces to feminize the silhouette, with push up to give more volume to your chest.

If you are in the opposite case, and your chest is already generous enough, prefer V-necklines or triangles with thin straps but well full-cup on the sides for a good support.

About the bottom, the stripes and prints are well known to round the forms, which will be perfect to give more volume to your hips.

If you’re more of a one-piece team, go for a shape with a large neckline to minimize the width of your shoulders and balance the top and bottom.

2-pieces Cha – Nicole Olivier ; Triangle Holiday – Prima Donna ; Ajourage Couture – Lise Charmel

Size available : From XS to XL for the Nicole Olivier brand model.
                            From S to XXL for the Prima Donna brand model.
                                                        From 32B (EU70) to 40C (EU90) for the Lise Charmel brand model.

To avoid : « Sportswear » swimsuits with wide straps should be avoided, as should low-cut bottoms. These models are likely to compress your silhouette and to mark your shoulders more.


Morphology O

→ Is to be pulpy and round with a well marked waist.

Choose one-piece swimsuits to hide the curves you have and do not want to reveal, while having a beautiful neckline. You can dare the plunging necklines to accentuate the glamorous side of your silhouette, directing the eye to your cleavage.

Many are complexed by their belly, there are many sheathing swimsuits, as well in 1 piece as with 2 pieces, just choose them well ! ( !!!WARNING!!! The sheathing fabric tends to mark the buttocks, think of taking it well enveloping). These can be a solution and they redraw your silhouette by refining your size and your belly.

Ajourage Couture – Lise Charmel

Size available : From size 1 (S) to size 4 (XL) for the Lise Charmel brand model.

Asia – Eres

Size available: From S to XXL for the Eres brand model.

The Asia swimsuit of the brand Eres offers a support but especially a very good girdle, mainly at the waist, which will allow you to camouflage small unsightly curves.

To avoid : the patterns with too voluminous stripes which will mark more your curves. Low cut swimsuit bottoms are also not recommended because they tend to mark the waist even more without redrawing it.


-Morphology H

→ Is equivalent to aligned shoulders and hips ; it’s also called the rectangle silhouette.

This morphology has slightly masculine silhouette, and to feminize it a little more, the 2-piece swimsuit will be perfect !

The top of the swimsuit will draw well your chest and will put it forwad, as for the bottom, prefer the bikinis which will be thin on the sides (in order to camouflage your hips).

If you opt for a one-piece, a V-neckline or naked back will enhance your silhouette.

Size available : From size 1 (S) to size 3 (L) for the Lise Charmel brand model

To avoid : swimsuits bottoms that are too low cut, horizontal stripes or square-shaped necklines.


Morphology X

→ A slim waist while having the shoulders and hips aligned.

You are lucky, this morphology will fit all swimwear models ! One-piece, 2-pieces, bandeau, triangle, half-cup or push-up, you can afford anything ! All you have to do is follow the season’s trends to be on the cutting edge of fashion.


-Small breasts :

Prefer push up, bandeau with foam.

1 piece, naked back or deep necklines to catch the eye.

La Chiquissima – Antigel

Size available : From S (38) to XL (42) for the Antigel brand model.

-Generous breasts :

Prefer tops with underwiring to ensure a good support.

The ideal is to choose brands that specialize in deep cups.

For example, Prima Donna, Lise Charmel and Antigel.



Now you know what you have to do !