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How to choose your swimsuit ?

7 April 2022

The perfect swimsuit for summer.

Summer is fast approaching and we know that every year it’s very difficult to find the perfect swimsuit, with style and that enhances us at the same time.

Some even end up abandoning the task and choose any swimsuit, without really knowing if it corresponds to their morphology.

Speaking of morphology, many have not yet identified which one corresponds to them.

But today, we are here to help you !

There are several types of silhouettes.


– Morphology A

→ Corresponds rather to a thin waist with slightly more generous hips and narrow shoulders

The types of swimsuit to be privileged will be the bandeau or the triangles to put forwad your chest and to make forget a little your hips.

If you prefer straps, opt for thin straps to let your shoulders show. As for the bottom, the scalloped forms will be the most adapted to emphasize your beautiful legs.

Bandeau La Frida – Antigel and Cassiope – Eres

Size available : From 32B (EU 70) to 38C (EU 85) for the Antigel brand model
      From S (38) to XXL (44) for the Eres brand model

To avoid : low waist, shorty or brief with too much coverage. More the brief are covering, more it widens your hips.


-Morphology V

→It’s the opposite of the A,the shoulders are wide and the pelvis is much narrower.

The most suitable swimsuits will be the 2-pieces to feminize the silhouette, with push up to give more volume to your chest.

If you are in the opposite case, and your chest is already generous enough, prefer V-necklines or triangles with thin straps but well full-cup on the sides for a good support.

About the bottom, the stripes and prints are well known to round the forms, which will be perfect to give more volume to your hips.

If you’re more of a one-piece team, go for a shape with a large neckline to minimize the width of your shoulders and balance the top and bottom.

2-pieces Cha – Nicole Olivier ; Triangle Holiday – Prima Donna ; Ajourage Couture – Lise Charmel

Size available : From XS to XL for the Nicole Olivier brand model.
                            From S to XXL for the Prima Donna brand model.
                                                        From 32B (EU70) to 40C (EU90) for the Lise Charmel brand model.

To avoid : « Sportswear » swimsuits with wide straps should be avoided, as should low-cut bottoms. These models are likely to compress your silhouette and to mark your shoulders more.


Morphology O

→ Is to be pulpy and round with a well marked waist.

Choose one-piece swimsuits to hide the curves you have and do not want to reveal, while having a beautiful neckline. You can dare the plunging necklines to accentuate the glamorous side of your silhouette, directing the eye to your cleavage.

Many are complexed by their belly, there are many sheathing swimsuits, as well in 1 piece as with 2 pieces, just choose them well ! ( !!!WARNING!!! The sheathing fabric tends to mark the buttocks, think of taking it well enveloping). These can be a solution and they redraw your silhouette by refining your size and your belly.

Ajourage Couture – Lise Charmel

Size available : From size 1 (S) to size 4 (XL) for the Lise Charmel brand model.

Asia – Eres

Size available: From S to XXL for the Eres brand model.

The Asia swimsuit of the brand Eres offers a support but especially a very good girdle, mainly at the waist, which will allow you to camouflage small unsightly curves.

To avoid : the patterns with too voluminous stripes which will mark more your curves. Low cut swimsuit bottoms are also not recommended because they tend to mark the waist even more without redrawing it.


-Morphology H

→ Is equivalent to aligned shoulders and hips ; it’s also called the rectangle silhouette.

This morphology has slightly masculine silhouette, and to feminize it a little more, the 2-piece swimsuit will be perfect !

The top of the swimsuit will draw well your chest and will put it forwad, as for the bottom, prefer the bikinis which will be thin on the sides (in order to camouflage your hips).

If you opt for a one-piece, a V-neckline or naked back will enhance your silhouette.

Size available : From size 1 (S) to size 3 (L) for the Lise Charmel brand model

To avoid : swimsuits bottoms that are too low cut, horizontal stripes or square-shaped necklines.


Morphology X

→ A slim waist while having the shoulders and hips aligned.

You are lucky, this morphology will fit all swimwear models ! One-piece, 2-pieces, bandeau, triangle, half-cup or push-up, you can afford anything ! All you have to do is follow the season’s trends to be on the cutting edge of fashion.


-Small breasts :

Prefer push up, bandeau with foam.

1 piece, naked back or deep necklines to catch the eye.

La Chiquissima – Antigel

Size available : From S (38) to XL (42) for the Antigel brand model.

-Generous breasts :

Prefer tops with underwiring to ensure a good support.

The ideal is to choose brands that specialize in deep cups.

For example, Prima Donna, Lise Charmel and Antigel.



Now you know what you have to do !


1 piece or bikini, always the same dilemna !

19 January 2016
maillot de bain cocktail prima Donna

Cruise swimsuits is appearing in distinctive upscale stores’s shopping windows.

A trip in mind, but I can’t travel with these oldies!

OK, I quickly have to find a fit swimsuit!

I’m already “white tanned”, and with slightly 6 pounds too many, a total mess!

I stop wasting my time and rushes to pay a visit to a gifted lingery concelor who may find the perfect swimsuit for me !


I’m ideally looking for a 1 piece swimsuit which lengthens my silhouette with bending effect tissue like Eres ones. After having tried several models, I opted for Peggy model from Livia. A really stylish and classic cut for the latter part of the afternoon by the side of the swimming pool, and at a reasonable price.


To tan a little more, a bikini seems essential !

But what If I wear 36DD? I have to buy a bigger top than bikini brief. To find that, I can buy a stunning Prima Donna ensemble with a fitted bra which perfectly maintain the breasts, and a high waisted draped panties which envelops my tiny hips curves.

I’m now ready to enjoy holidays!